2021 President’s Reception Conducted Virtually

The 142nd Annual Meeting of the ALA was conducted virtually again this year as we continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic that has prevented large in-person gatherings.  The President’s Reception was virtual as well.  Over fifty members participated.  Many were in attendance, including Charles Cummings (Guest of Honor), Charles Ford (deRoaldes Award Recipient), James Netterville (James E. Newcomb Award Recipient), and Nobuhiko Isshiki (ALA Medal Recipient).  Incoming ALA President Clark Rosen managed to get the participants engaged with themed breakout sessions as well.  We now look forward to the 143rd Annual Meeting and gathering together in-person again.

Post-Graduate Member Steering Committee 2021 Selected

The ALA Post-Graduate Membership continues to expand and play a vital role in continuing the legacy of our Association.  Accordingly, the 2021 Post-Graduate Member Steering Committee has been selected and will focus on laryngology education and focused activities to enhance PG Membership collaboration and fellowship.  Congratulations to members Jim Daniero, Sara Abu-Ghanem, Matt Clary, Bill Gao, Bobby Morrison, and Karla O’Dell.  Also, congratulations to Melin Tan who has joined into Active Fellowship category and will continue to guide the Steering Committe as past-chair of the Committee.

ALA Council Holds Its First Ever Online Council Meeting

The Spring 2020 ALA Council was held via Zoom internet conference on Tuesday, April 21, 2020.  The world is going through an unprecedented lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to cancellation of COSM 2020 and the 141st Annual Meeting of the ALA.  Council discussed items pertinent to the ALA fellowship, and an online Business Meeting to update the fellows and members is planned for Monday May 4, 2020.  Meeting will start promptly at 5:30 PM, Central Time.


ALA Represented at the 5th Congress of European ORL-HNS in Brussels, June 30, 2019.

On June 30, 2019, ALA Representatives convened a Round Table Panel on “Management of pre-neoplastic to neoplastic lesions of the larynx: from diagnosis to rehabilitation”, at the 5th Congress of European Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery in Brussels, Belgium. The room was packed with standing room only. A variety of endoscopic and open approaches to management of dysplasia to early and recurrent malignancies were discussed. Representing the ALA were panelists (from left to right) Michael Pitman, Paul Flint, Michael Benninger, Karen Kost, Lucian Sulica, Peak Woo, and Gady Har-El.

ALA Welcomes Six New Active Fellows at the 139th Annual Meeting

The following Post Graduate Members were inducted as Active Fellows at 139th Annual Meeting of the ALA.

Lee M. Akst, MD, Baltimore, Maryland

Jonathan M. Bock, MD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Thomas L. Carroll, MD, Boston, Massachusetts

David O. Francis, MD, MS, Madison, Wisconsin

Gregory A. Grillone, MD, Boston, Massachusetts

Jennifer L. Long, MD, Los Angeles, California

In addition, the following Associate Member was inducted:

Edie Hapner, PhD, Los Angeles, California




2018 Winter Council Meeting Recap

The winter meeting of the ALA Council was held January 18, 2018 in Scottsdale, AZ during the Combined Section Meetings of the Triological Society. The Council reviewed the recommendations submitted by the Membership Committee, Drs. Stacey Halum, Dana Thompson and chaired by Dr. Seth Dailey .

A summary of this year’s program was presented by President Har-El and especially regarding the presenters of the Baker and State of the Art lectures, Dr. Gayle Woodson and Dr. Melina Kibbe who will discuss current behaviors and shifts in present laryngology. The Council encourages you to attend each of the three half day sessions as well as the business meeting that is scheduled for Wednesday, April 18, at 12:15 PM.

As Historian, Dr. Benninger requested Council to observe a moment of silence in memory to Drs. Phillip Sprinkle and Minoru Hirano who passed away December 28, 2016 and December 17, 2017, respectively. Dr. Benninger also reported that the Sustainers Fund continues to receive donations. Although one milestone of reaching $100K has been met, he encourages each Fellow to make a contribution.

Dr. Rosen reported that the ALA continues to be financially healthy. The investments have provided positive returns. Council was informed that several Fellows were suspended from the Association due to the delinquency of membership dues of three years or more. Following the recommendations of Siem Johnson LLP that performed a financial review, the outstanding amount deemed uncollectible has been reduced by more than 60%. Fellows who are delinquent are encouraged to remit payment when the invoice is received to prevent suspension of membership.

Dr. Chhetri, as Editor, provided an update to the revisions to the website. Anticipated date of launch is March 1, 2018. If you need assistance in obtaining your user name and a temporary password, please visit the member’s section and use the “request a password” feature, or contact our Administrator, Maxine Cunningham, at Maxine.c@comcast.net. A trial “run” was made for payment of the 2018 Membership dues that has been successful. Beginning with 2019 all members who are assessed dues will be able to pay on line as well as make a donation to the Sustainers Fund.

Nominating Committee – The 2018 Committee, comprised of Dr. Peak Woo, Clarence Sasaki, Tanya Meyer, Michael Pitman and chaired by Dr. Ken Altman reported a record number of nominations. A report will be presented at the Business Meeting on Wednesday, April 18th. According to the new bylaws, adopted in 2013, Active Fellowship of the Association may submit recommendations and suggestions for a new Councilor-at-Large. Active Fellows may submit self-nominations. Contact Dr. Lucian Sulica to submit nominees at the conclusion of the 2018 Annual Meeting.

Roger Crumley, MD, Reminisces The History of Neurolaryngology Study Group

Dr. Roger Crumley updates the history of the Neurolaryngology Study Group and shares history of the ALA.

Read his essay by clicking here.

Also, Mark your Calendars for the Neuro Laryngology Study Group presentation at the 139th Annual Meeting of the ALA:


5:00 PM

Neurolaryngology Study Group

Speaker:  Christy Ludlow, PhD

Topic:  Spasmodic Dysphonia:  Past, Present and Future

Congratulations to the 2017 Fellowship Inductees

The following were inducted at the 2017 Annual Meeting:

Adam Klein, MD (Active); Ian N. Jacobs, MD (Active); Julina Ongaskuwan, MD (Active), Mark A. Varvares, MD (Active)

Jack J Jiang, MD, PhD (Associate); Kristina Simonyan, MD, PhD (Associate)

Abdul Latif Hamdan, MD (Corresponding); Taner Yilmaz, MD (Corresponding)

Congratulations and Welcome to the ALA!



2017 Spring Council Meeting Recap

The ALA Council held its Spring Council meeting on April 25 prior to the beginning of the Annual Meeting. Dr. Altman discussed the need for the Association to create an Ad Hoc Media and Communication Committee. The purpose of this committee will be to insure the dissimilation of news and events to all members. Dr. Chhetri, who was installed as the Editor is overseeing the modification of the ALA website. The change-over will be transparent but the modifications will insure each member with the ease of navigating throughout the site as more educational, scientific and informational content will be added.

We are also very pleased to announce that the third half-day meeting has been added to COSM’s footprint for 2018 and 2019. This will allow us to increase the number of oral presentations and panel discussion on subjects requested by our membership.

After much research and deliberation, the Council decided to change the association financial management company from the American College of Surgeons (ACS). Dr. Rosen, as Treasurer, solicited proposals from entities that would be able to service our financial needs and provide the financial support for our Administrator. We thank ACS for the years of collaboration as we continue to maintain healthy outlooks of the Association’s finances.

Drs. Garrett and Chhetri reported that four research grant applications (Two for the ALVRE and two for the Cohen Awards). Following a review by the Committee, it was recommended that Dr. Matthew Clary (Univ of Colorado) and Dr. VyVy Young (Univ. of Pittsburgh) as recipients of the Cohen and ALVRE grant awards, respectively.

2018 Annual Meeting: Scientific Sessions, Panels, Posters, and don’t miss the Banquet

(1) The ALA President’s Reception, honoring Dr. Gady Har-El, will be held on the evening of Wednesday, April 18, 2018.  Details in the Meetings Page.  Be sure to get your tickets from Maxine!!

(2) The Post-Graduate Member Committee is again planning a symposium for Thursday, April 19th.  Details in the Post-Graduate Member Page (Under meetings Page).  RSVP to Maxine if you plan to attend. 

(3) The Combined Poster Reception for the ALA, ABEA, AHNS, and ARS are on Thursday, April 19th.