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Please Click Here to Read the ALA 2024 Campaign Letter to Create a New Laryngology Research Grant.

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The ALA has consistently worked towards fulfilling its objectives of promoting education and research. We achieve this through various means, including our annual meeting, the development of the laryngology curriculum and patient education materials, and the sponsorship of educational activities like the Neurolaryngology Study Group and the Post-Graduate Member Breakfast Symposium. Furthermore, we eagerly anticipate greater engagement with our international colleagues through our corresponding fellows and the recently established Eugene N. Myers International Award in Laryngology.

We have also acknowledged excellence in research  through awards such as the Casselberry Award, Young Faculty/Practitioner Award, and the Resident Research Award.  It is essential to emphasize that scientific research forms the bedrock of progress in our specialty. With this in mind, the ALA has been awarding two research grants each year—the ALA/ALVRE Research Grant and the ALA/Seymour R. Cohen Research Grant. While the Laryngological Research Fund was established in 1940, and the Seymour R. Cohen Grant in 1989, the grant amounts have remained relatively unchanged over the years. We recognize the need to further fortify our commitment to supporting research.

Therefore, we have initiated a campaign to establish a new grant mechanism specifically tailored to early investigators. Our goal is to raise the necessary $300,000 to endow a $15,000 annual research award. Once this goal is met, the ALA will be in a position to offer three research grants annually. This endeavor holds the promise of significantly enhancing the future of laryngeal research.

Your charitable contributions are tax-deductible, and all funds received will be reinvested into our membership in the form of research grants. The enduring impact of your generosity will be felt by nurturing laryngeal research early in the careers of aspiring Laryngologists.  To make your contribution, please return the donation card your received in the mailing or log on to the donate to the ALA by clicking on Your contributions will be prominently recognized at our 145th Annual Meeting in Chicago in May 2024.



The American Laryngological Association (ALA) is the premier organization dedicated to advancing education and research in Laryngology. Founded in 1878, the ALA is the scholarly organization of physicians and scientists who have made significant contributions to the care of patients with disorders of the larynx and upper aerodigestive tract. The ALA seeks to advance research and teaching in laryngology by sponsoring our Annual Meeting, publishing manuscripts from this meeting through the Laryngoscope and Transactions of the ALA, providing grants for research, awarding for outstanding research among residents and fellows in training, and recognizing individuals who have made significant contributions in laryngology throughout their careers by confirming endowed awards.

We have been particularly active in advancing the field of Laryngology through funding support for research, mentoring young laryngologists with the one-on-one mentorship program and the annual breakfast symposium for the Post Graduate Members, and encouraging dissemination of research in Laryngology by expanding the number of speakers and presentations at the meetings. We have also become more active in advocacy with our other sister societies and the American Academy of Otolaryngology and strong participation in many national initiatives such as the Clinical Practice Guidelines.

The ALA’s accomplishments occur only with the strength and support of our membership, other supporters, and benefactors. Unfortunately, our treasury is only so strong and many of our current activities and our strategic efforts going forward will need funds in order for them to reach their full potential. Our dues are not adequate for our growing participation and activities and the roller coaster ride of the global markets over the past couple of years has highlighted the financial risks related to our current endowments.

We hope that you, like us, see the unique values of the ALA and we hope that you would help recognize these values by making a contribution to the ALA. Although all gifts of any size are appreciated, would you join us on council by making a pledge to our beloved organization? Thank you for your generosity in helping our Association!



The Sustainer’s fund was created during the presidency of Roger L. Crumley in 2009 as a mechanism for Fellows and Friends of the ALA to contribute a fund that will be used to increase educational opportunities and recognition at the annual meeting. These contributions will help to offset some of the expenses associated with recognition of various award categories, such as the Young Faculty/Practitioner Award and the Resident Research Award, that are unfunded by other noted ALA Funds. The Historian proposed four levels of donations that contributors may select. Donors will be recognized at the annual meeting.