Past Grant Recipients


The Seymour R. Cohen Award, was established in 1999, with a bequest by the Cohen family as an award based on the submission of an abstract for the Annual Meeting. Given to an outstanding candidate, who was a citizen of the United States or Canada, and who performed basic science research in the area of pediatric laryngology and/or pediatric neurolaryngology.

Following a discussion with the Cohen Family in 2014, the Council inquired with the Cohen Family of the possibility of modifying the award to a research grant.  With the assistance of Dr. Clarence Sasaki, ALA received permission to change award to  the Seymour H. Cohen MD Research Grant. Dr. Cohen wish was for this Award only to be used for the funding of research related or applicable to pediatric laryngology and/or pediatric neurolaryngology.  During the years, 1999 – 2009, the recipients of the grant was chosen based on the original abstract submission for the annual meeting.  Beginning in 2014, research applications  were reviewed by the ALA Research Committee and award based on the evaluation results recommended to the Council.

Below is a list of previous recipients of this Grant.

1999 Russell A. Faust, MD, PhD 2016 Nicolas-George Katsantonis, MD
2000 Chapman McQueen, MD 2017 Matthew Clary, MD
2001 Yolanda D. Heman-Ackah, MD 2019 Philip Weissbrod, MD
2009 Swapna Chandran, MD 2020 Rupali Shah, MD
2014 Christopher T. Johnson, MD 2021 Ricardo Gottardi, MD
2015 Michael Pitman, MD 2023 Pranati Pillutla, MD



The ALA/ALVRE Research Grant award was created to support basic, translational, or clinical research projects in laryngology (voice, airway, swallowing), outcomes, and related subjects, and should lead to furthering the fields of laryngology or neurolaryngology.

Research supported by this award should be specifically directed toward the pathogenesis, pathophysiology, diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of diseases, disorders, or conditions of the larynx and related structures and topics and may be either basic or clinical/translational in approach. While not specifically required, proposals which aim to introduce new knowledge and methodology from other disciplines to research in laryngology or neurolaryngology, or which demonstrate collaborative effort with members of other related disciplines are encouraged.

Below is a list of previous recipients of this Grant.

2010 Marvin Fried, MD 2018 Aaron Johnson, PhD
2012 Jennifer Long, MD, PhD 2019 Daniel Fink, MD
2013 J. Pieter Noordzij, MD x 2020 R Jun Lin, MD
2015 Gregory Dion, MD   2021 Anais Rameau, MD, MPhil, MSc
2016 Alexander Hillel, MD   2022 Benjamin Laitman, MD, PhD
2017 VyVy N. Young, MD x 2023 Matthew Hoffman, MD

X  – funds returned