Regulations Governing Special Funds and Awards

Since the inception of the American Laryngological Association in 1878, gifts and bequests designated for certain purposes have received. These Special Funds are held in Trust by the Association and used for the purposes to which they were designated. In general, these special funds help maintain the archives and records of the Association, support educational activities, and encourage research by recognizing those in our field who have made the significant contributions through their research and educational activities.  Oversight and management of the special funds is specified in the charter of each fund and directed by the council.

In June 1940 President Gordon Berry appointed a Committee to investigate these funds regarding their financial status and the validity of their investment; to propose regulations as to the expenditure of principal and earnings, together with suggestions for their conservation, and finally to propose rules relating to the granting of awards from some of these funds. The Committee consisted of:

Dr. James A. Babbitt
Dr. George M. Coates
Dr. Charles J. Imperatori, Chairman

Since that time these Trust Funds have been carefully invested, the purpose for which they were designated has been fulfilled and the unused interest added to the original Fund. Additional bequests have been received and placed in a Laryngological Research Fund.

Since it seemed advisable that the Special Funds and Awards should be reviewed again, President Fred Dixon in 1958 appointed a Committee for this purpose with the request that they suggest any changes which should be made in the disposition of these special funds. The Committee consisted of:

Dr. Harry P. Schenck
Dr. Gordon D. Hoople
Dr. Frederick T. Hill, Chairman

In recent years, it seemed appropriate to again review the Special Funds and Awards to update them and make revisions where necessary. This most recent updating came about as the result of the efforts of the following Committee appointed by President M. Stuart Strong in 1983:

Dr. Gabriel F. Tucker, Jr., Chairman
Dr. Raleigh E. Lingeman
Dr. Charles M. Norris
Dr. Eugene N. Myers (ex-officio)
Dr. William M. Trible (ex-officio)