Memorial Fund

Historical Note:

The Fund was established on March 9, 1959 by a bequest of $1,000.00 and added to by gifts from Fellows and friends of the Association.


To provide financial support to carry on the activities of the Association.


  1. The Council shall be responsible for the administration of the Fund and shall decide how it shall be used.
  2. The income from the Fund may be used to supplement the General Fund, or to support any special activity (program, research, or administrative) of the Association.
  3. The principal shall be maintained at a level sufficient to accomplish its stated purpose.
  4. Special recognition shall be given to benefactors and contributors: a) Contributors of $500, or more, shall be listed the program of the Annual Meeting and the Transactions. b) Special Memorials to a designated individual may be established by contributions of $1,000. These gifts shall be listed separately in the program of the Annual Meeting and the Transactions