Casselberry Fund & Award

Historical Note:

The Fund was established in 1906 by a bequest of $5,000 from the Estate of Dr. William E. Casselberry, President of the Association in 1898.


To establish the Casselberry Award for an outstanding manuscript or manuscripts in the field of Laryngology and Rhinology, submitted in competition to the Association.


  1. The Casselberry Award has been established to encourage the advancement of the art and science of Laryngology and Rhinology. The Award is given for outstanding manuscripts or accomplishments in Laryngology and Rhinology and consists of a suitable sum of money and a certificate from the Association.
  2. The award shall consist of a sum of money to be decided by the Council, but should not exceed $1,000. In the case of multiple authors (no more than three), the money shall be divided equally among the authors. A certificate shall also be presented to the authors(s)) at the Annual Meeting of the Association.
  3. Income from the Fund shall be used to cover the expenses of making the award. The income may be supplemented from other funds, when necessary
  4. The President shall appoint, annually, a Casselberry Award Committee, consisting of three (3) Fellows. The members of the Committee shall be known only to the President, the Secretary, and to the other members of the Committee. The President shall appoint the Chairman of the Committee.
  5. The Secretary shall advertise the Award and provide a list of regulations to interested contestants. Fellows of the Association are eligible.
  6. Competition for this Award will be limited to those persons whose abstracts are accepted for inclusion on the program of the Annual Scientific Meeting. Those wishing to compete for this Award must submit their completed manuscript no later than the published deadline date. The primary author must certify that he/she has done at least 70% of the work and a majority of the work must be previously unpublished.
  7. The Committee shall review all manuscripts submitted to them by the Secretary, and shall judge their originality, scientific, and literary merit. The authors shall be unknown to the Committee.
  8. The Committee shall submit to the Council a detailed report of their evaluation of each manuscript, and shall recommend which manuscript or manuscripts is/are deserving of the Award.
  9. The Committee shall send its report to the Secretary, one month prior to the Annual Winder Council Meeting.
  10. The Council shall review the report of the Committee. It shall also review the credentials of the authors (s). The Council will make the decision on granting the Award, and its decision will be final. The Council shall determine the amount of the award (not to exceed $1,000).
  11. The Award shall be presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting and the certificate awarded at the Annual Banquet.